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Books that inspired our movie projects.


An impossible adventure begins when a boy sneaks out of General George Washington's camp to find his father, a soldier who goes missing after the Battle of Monmouth. Will the Game of Draughts save the young boys life and reunite him with his Pa?
The Feature Film Script for the family-friendly movie Elijah and George - A Revolutionary Tale is adapted from this engaging chapter book by award winning author and illustrator Michael Dooling.

Based on Diaries and Letters from the Period. The story of Elijah and George chronicles the adventures of a 10-year-old farm-boy caught up during the American Revolutionary War in the struggle to regain Independence for Family, Freedom and Home.

EPUB Format - 140 Pages with 12 beautiful illustrations. 


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We were fortunate to option the rights to George Washington's Army and Me picture book along with the Chapter Book Elijah and George - A Revolutionary Tale to develop the feature film.

About the picture book: Written and illustrated by Michael Dooling - A poignant story told through the eyes of a young boy and based on letters and diaries of people who marched with General George Washington's Army during the American Revolutionary War.

Elijah, the main character, is one of the children who follows George Washington’s Army during the Revolutionary War. Students connect with him, the other children as well as the wives and mothers who choose to follow their loved ones.

Picture Book - Grades 2-6
PDF Format: 34 Pages with 17 Beautiful Illustrations
Bonus: EPUB Format
Bonus Two: Literature Guide

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Award Winning Author and Illustrator Michael Dooling.

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